Bordeaux and gastronomy.

Bordeaux and gastronomy.

Hôtel Madame will take you on a tour of Bordeaux, where we will talk about meat, fish, wine and stars. We promise you a moment suspended in each bite, "Our wealth is our memories".

I can tell you, you won't forget these moments.

Fresh, local, seasonal products. Grandma's recipes and the desire to surprise. Sweet and savoury. Good addresses, where good food goes hand in hand with comfort, and rivals with greed.

An unforgettable moment with a caring chef: Le Gabriel 

Located in the central pavilion of the famous Place de la Bourse, facing the water mirror, this beautiful establishment belongs to the de Boüard de Laforest family, which has also owned the historic Château Angélus wine estate and the Michelin-starred Le Logis de La Cadène restaurant in Saint Emilion since the 18th century. The delightful 18th century salons have now been brought together in a single space of hushed comfort - oak floors and thick carpets, woodwork and mouldings. Chef Alexandre Baumard, also from Saint Emilion, has created a contemporary cuisine, turned towards the sea, without renouncing the beauties of classicism, at least in spirit: sole in crispy mousseline, lightly smoked eel and onions in all their forms...

A breathtaking experience: Tentazione 

In Bordeaux, they run a restaurant that is small in size, but big in pleasure. The chef's dishes are precise and always inspired, especially when they highlight high quality products: langoustine, spider crab, red tuna or pigeon. A very contemporary cuisine, full of flavours, with frequent references to Italy, without ever falling into nostalgia or a demonstration of identity.

Intimacy and impeccable service: Solena 

Slightly out of the way from the hyper-centre of Bordeaux, the discreet façade opens onto a comfortable interior. Installed here since 2016, there is a young chef: Victor Ostronzec, with a tidy blonde beard, genuine kindness and undeniable talent. He distinguishes himself by his technical and creative cooking, with often inspired dressings, and always finds the little extra that makes the difference in a dish. His desire to surprise is obvious and a pleasure to see.

A must and a new experience with every bite: Cent 33 

A select atmosphere, an original and well-travelled cuisine for sharing: Fabien Beaufour has perfected his concept down to the smallest detail. The flavours are intense, contrasting, the cooking perfect and the seasonings striking.

A view of Bordeaux, a magnificent setting, an ideal evening: Le Saint James 

In this magical place with windows overlooking the vineyards, we pay tribute to the producers of New Aquitaine, whose products are magnified, from caviar from Gironde to beef from Bazas. The charm of this fresh and tasty cuisine works brilliantly.


A stone's throw from the Hôtel Madame, a magnificent cuisine: Influence 

This innocuous façade holds a very nice surprise. A friendly Franco-American couple, with Ronnie in charge of the kitchen and the service, offers tasty and fragrant dishes with French, American and Italian influences.

Our starred chef in one of the most beautiful buildings in Bordeaux: Le quatrième mur 

At the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, a magnificent example of neoclassical architecture, even gastronomy is honoured. The 12 guests of "Chef Philippe Etchebest" share the same large table in a vaulted cellar, and are plunged into the backstage of a restaurant, in the middle of the announcements of dishes and the coming and going of the waiters.

The new address in Bordeaux: Ressources 

The technical touch of the talented chef Tanguy Laviale always hits the mark, from the pertinence of the combinations to the highlighting of the beautiful product without any showboating, via the precise garnishes and seasonings.

Enjoy your stay in Bordeaux, Hôtel Madame welcomes you with open arms to reveal all its good addresses!